Push Functionality (Generally Sent By Bank itself)
Bank is sending SMS for:

  • Pending cheques for clearance.
  • Account overdrawn.
  • Greeting Messages.
  • Debit / Credit Transaction for the day. (above Rs. 10000/- Cash & Transfer)
  • Inward clearing Returns.
  • Outward clearing Returns.
  • Interest charged to Loan a/cs.

Pull Functionality (Sent By Customer as per their Requirement)

  • You can make request for:

Product Codes Product Codes
Current A/c CA Savings Bank A/c SB
Cash Credit against Stock ODCC OD against FDR ODFDR
OD against NSC ODNSC OD against Machinery ODMAC
OD against Property ODPRP OD against LIC Policy ODLIC

Instruction For Account No.

  • Current A/c. N0.                000 Your A/c. No.
  • Saving Bank A/c No.        100 Your A/c  No.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Bank shall provide SMS service to only those accounts holders whose mobile phone nos., are registered with the bank. (Please Download the form)
  • Bank shall take care in sending SMS to customer’s mobile phone, but does not accept any responsibility / liability whatsoever arising out of non-receipt of SMS by the customer, due to failure on the service provider or for any other reason.
  • The account holder must intimate any change/loss in the mobile number to the bank immediately.
  • Normally bank is not bound to intimate the account holder non-availability of the funds in their account for honoring their cheques. The inward cheques in clearing shall be honored against clear opening balance in the account.
  • This service is offered free of cost at present as a value added service.

You are requested to contact our Branch Manager for further details.

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