Schedule of Service Charges w.e.f. 01.07.2020

Present Rate of GST @18% Applicable

No. Particular Charges-Rs.(Excl. GST)
1 Exchange on DD Outstation Centres of IndusInd Bank and HDFC Bank  
  Up To  Rs.10,000/- 20.00
  Above Rs.10,000/- 65.00
  DD Cancellation Charge 75.00
  Admision/Exam/Interview Fees For Students NIL
2 Exchange on DD on State Bank
   Rs.3.50 Per Thousand  
3 Issue of Pay Orders  
  Up To Rs.10,000 25.00
  Rs.10,001/- To Rs.50,000/- 70.00
  Above Rs.50,000/- 80.00
  Cancellation/Revalidation Charge 75.00
  Admision/Exam/Interview Fees For Students NIL
4 Commission on IBC  
  Up To  Rs.10,000/- 100.00
  Above Rs.10,001/-  (Rs.0.25 ps% Minimum Rs.50/- + Postages Rs.50/- Per Bill)  
  Return Charge (Per Bill)  100.00
5 Issue of CTS Cheque Books  
  Per Leaf (For Savings 30 Leaves free during a year) 2.75
6 Folio Charge (On C/A, C/C, O/D A/cs) Flat Charge (Half Yearly)
7 Minimum Balance Charges  
  For Savings Accounts (Without Cheque Book)  - Minimum Balance Rs.500.00  
  For Cheque Savings Accounts - Minimum Balance Rs.1000.00  
  For Current Accounts - Minimum Balance Rs.3000.00  
  Failure to Maintain Minimum Balance (Monthly) 100.00
8 Cheque Return Charges  
  Inward Return 100.00
  For want of Insufficient Funds/Stop Payment  
  Outward Return  
  Up To  Rs.1,00,000/- 250.00
  Above Rs.1,00,000/- ( Rs.0.10 ps% Minimum Rs.250/-per instrument )  
 9 For Returns Under ECS 250.00
10 Stop Payment Charge(Per Instrument) 100.00
  Stop Payment Charge for entire chequebook lost 500.00
11 Inspection Charges (Borrowal A/c's)  
  Up to Rs.2.00 Lacs 250.00
  From Rs.2.00 Lacs To Rs.10.00 Lacs 425.00
  From Rs.10.00 Lacs To Rs.50.00 Lacs 500.00
  From Rs.50.00 Lacs To Rs.100 Lacs 750.00
  Above Rs.100 Lacs  1000.00
12 Loan Appliction, Scrutiny/Processing/Stationery Charges  
  Up to Rs.2.00 Lacs 250.00
  Above Rs.2.00 Lacs To Rs.5.00 Lacs 750.00
  Above Rs.5.00 Lacs To Rs.10.00 Lacs 0.18% per Lac
Max. - 1800.00
  Above Rs.10.00 Lacs To Rs.25.00 Lacs 0.27% per Lac
Max. - 6750.00
  Above Rs.25.00 Lacs To Rs.50.00 Lacs 0.37% per Lac
Max. - 18500.00
  Above Rs. 50 Lacs 0.45% per Lac
Max. - 75000.00
  Exception in Advances Against Fixed Deposits/NSC/KVP and Staff Loans  
13 For Solvency Certificate :  
  Up To Rs.5.00 Lacs 250.00
  Above Rs.5.00 Lacs To Rs.10.00 Lacs 500.00
  Above Rs.10.00 Lacs To Rs.25.00 Lacs 1500.00
  Above Rs.25.00 Lacs To Rs.50.00 Lacs 2500.00
  Above Rs.50.00 Lacs 5000.00
14 Bank Guarantee Commission  
  Max. 2% Every Year + Rs.100.00  
  * In case of 100% Cash Margin  
  Max. 1% Every Year + Rs.100.00  
  * Guarantee issued for Educational purpose Commission shall not be Charged.  
  * In case of Cancellation of Guarantee within One month from the date of issue 50% Commission shall be refunded.  
   Commission on Bank Guarantee and Solvency Certificate are as per the existing guidelines plus 18.00% GST  
15 ATM Charges  
  (A)  ATM Card Charges  
        Card Issue Charge (From Second Year Annualy) 150.00
        Duplicate Card Issue Charge 200.00
        ATM PIN Reissue Charge (Per Occasion) 50.00
  (B)  ATM Transaction Charges  
        First 5 Transactions to All ATM (Including Financial and Non-Financial)) NIL
        After 5 Transactions, For Every Financial Transaction 20.00
                                          For Every Non-Financial Transaction 10.00
16 Other Bank Charges  
  Signature Verification Charge (Only for Loan Purpose)  50.00 
  Duplicate Statement Charge  (Per Sheet) 10.00
  Duplicate Passbook Charge (Per Passbook) 100.00
  Loan Notice Charge - First Notice (Except FDR,NSC,1(/P,LIC) (Per Form) 250.00
  S.D.V. Locker Notice Charge (From Second Reminder)  100.00
  Token Lost Charge 200.00
  Subsidy Claim Letter Charge (Confirmation Charge) - Per Claim  100.00
  SMS Charge (Hlaf Yearly)  25.00
  Issue of Duplicate FD - Per Request 250.00
  Quotation Change Request 250.00
  Collateral Property Change Charge 250.00
  Any Special Request - Per Letter 250.00
  Credit Report Charge - Per Report 250.00
  NACH Mandate Verification Charge 200.00
  Non Compliance of any Terms and Condition of Sanction Letter Pending More then 3 Months 2% Interest Penalty