SURAT NATIONAL CO-OP BANK LTD. is committed  to catering quick, courteous and efficient customer service to the customers / members and public in general.

To serve our customers more efficiently, we urge them to keep in mind the below mentioned very simple guidelines while dealing with us.

Your feedback and valuable suggestions are of immense help to us for further strengthening our relations with you and increase our effectiveness as a service provider.

For Opening Deposit A/cs.

  • Please provide as much information’s / documents as possible to create your proper record in the account as per KYC Norms.
  • Please fill up the account opening form carefully.

For Cash Deposits/ Withdrawals

  • Please furnish all information’s in paying a/c slip properly to avoid misallocation / delay in completing your transaction.
  • Please obtain you counter foil duly acknowledged before leaving the counter.
  • Please verify and count the cash received by you against your cheque before leaving the cash counter.

For Cheque Deposits

  • Please tender separate slips for the local and outstation cheques.
  • Please fill up the paying in slip properly and correctly. Aggregate amount of the cheques should tally with the cheques tendered for collection.

For Saving Accounts

  • Please fulfill all KYC requirements immediately.
  • Passbook must be upgraded from time to time.
  • Please collect your cheque book soon from the bank.
  • Please maintain adequate balance in the account to honor the cheque when presented. (Opening balance is considered)
  • Nomination facility should be availed
  • Saving accounts are meant for domestic saving and personal transactions.
  • Please do not make business transactions in savings accounts.

For Fixed Deposits

  • Please use Nomination facility and always fulfill KYC requirements.
  • Deposit receipts should be collected soon.
  • Please read the details in the deposit receipt and bring to the notice of the official/s the discrepancy is observed.
  • Please furnish to the bank necessary declarations as per Income Tax Act for non-deduction of tax at source (TDS) well in time.
  • Please take note of maturity date of your deposit with us for taking appropriate and timely decision of renewal / withdrawals.
  • Please preserve the deposit receipt under your custody to avoid misplacement / theft / misuse thereof.

S.D.V Lockers

  • Nomination facility should be availed in your interest.
  • KYC requirements should be fulfilled.
  • Please ensure timely payment of annual rentals to the bank.
  • Please intimate to the bank of change in your mailing / residential address.
  • Please keep your password secret to avoid its misuse.
  • Before locking the locker and leaving the vault room, please verify and ensure that none of your valuable / document / article have been left outside your locker.
  • Locker key should be preserved carefully because its loss may cause in-conveniences and you shall have to incur expenses for breaking open the locker and providing a new lock by the company.
  • You can provide an additional lock of your own on the locker.


  • Please fill up the request form for RTGS very carefully. IFCS code of receiving bank / branch and name and account number of the beneficial should be carefully mentioned to avoid return of the remittance amounts.
  • Please honur the time limit prescribed by the bank for making the RTGS transactions.
  • For inward remittance of RTGS. Please obtain ‘Virtual ID’  for your account (Which is provided by HDFC Bank LTD through us)
  • Normally RTGS will be done for outward remittance on opening balance in your account.
  • Our bank is making RTGS through other banks on Net banking therefore, kindly bear with us for inconvenience, if any.

E-Payment of Income Tax ETC.

  • Please fill in the request form correctly with utmost care.
  • Counterfoil receipt is generated once only.
  • Please correctly mention the Financial Year (F.Y) Assessment Year (A.Y) to avoid misplacement of the tax payments. 

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