Required Documents for Opening Current A/c
Every customer who desires to open current account has to fill up a form prescribed by bank along with a specimen signature card and also have to submit the following papers/documents. Original documents must be presented for verification.

Proprietorship / Firm

  1. Address proof of the firm like electricity bill / Tax bill / proof of tenancy.
  2. Photograph duly signed by the proprietor,
  3. PAN Card.
  4. KYC proof of Firm.

Partnership Firm

  1. Attested copy of the Partnership deed.
  2. Two photographs of each partner duly signed.
  3. Attested copy of partnership Registration. (if Registered)
  4. Address proof of Residence / Office.
  5. The signature of each partner is mandatory for opening a current account.
  6. Xerox copy of PAN card of each partner and the Firm.
  7. KYC proof of Firm

Private Limited / Public Limited Company

  1. Attested copies of article of association & Memorandum of Association.
  2. Copy of Certificates of Incorporation.
  3. Copy of Certificates of commencement of Business (for Public Limited Companies)
  4. Copy of the resolution authorising to open and operate the account on behalf of the company. (the specimen for the same can be obtained from the branch.
  5. Signatures of the Directors of the company as mentioned in the resolution.
  6. 2 photographs with signature of the authorized directors.
  7. Address proof of office.
  8. Xerox copy of PAN card of directors and company.

For Accounts of Public and Private Trusts

  1. Attested copy of Trust Deed.
  2. Resolution authorizing to open and operate the Trust A/c
  3. (Specimen can be obtained from any branch)
  4. All Trustees should sign the application form.
  5. Two Photograph of each Trustee and their PAN Card Xerox and Address Proof.
  6. If it is a public trust, then certificate of the Charity Commissioner.

Common Requirements

  1. Suitable and acceptable introduction by any firm/company maintaining account with the bank.
  2. In each case address proof of the owner/major partner/director has to be submitted.
  3. The customer will have to maintain a minimum balance in the account as decided by the bank. If minimum balance is not maintained charges for the same will be debited from the account.

Guidelines for Current Account

  1. Please refer to guidelines for other important instructions for operating the accounts.