We are proud that our bank is first Co-operative Bank to offer CORE BANKING (connectivity among all our branches) in South Gujarat Region.

The bank uses core banking application to support their operations where CORE stands for “Centralized online real-time-electronics”. This basically means that the entire bank’s branches access from centralized application from centralized datacenters. This means that the deposits made are reflected immediately on the bank’s servers and the customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the bank’s branches throughout the area of operation. These applications now also have the capability to address the needs of corporate customers, providing a comprehensive banking solution.

A few decades ago, it used to take at least a day for a transaction to reflect in the account because each branch and their local servers, and the data form the server in each branch was sent in a batch to the servers in the datacenter only at the end of the day(EOD).

Services available under Core Banking (to the Customers)

  • Cash Withdrawal: You can withdraw cash from your account from any of our branches by presenting a self drawn cheque. This facility is not extended for payments to third party. Maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn across the bank on a particular day is Rs. 1,00,000/- only.
  • Cash Deposit: Deposit cash in your account through any of our branches.
  • Fund Transfers: Instant fund transfer between your accounts or between your account and any third party account maintained at different branches.
  • Deposit of Local Cheques: You can deposit cheques payable at surat at remote branches for crediting the proceeds after realization to your account maintained at base branches.
  • Repayment to Loan accounts: Now you can make repayments to your loans such as Home Loan, Vehicle Loan, etc. held with your branch through any of our Bank Branches by Cash / Local cheque.
  • Term deposit transactions are not allowed.
  • At present our bank is offering Any Branch Transaction free of any extra charges / costs.


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